How can I Manage the Menus in Quick Links?

You can manage the menus under Quick links by following below steps:- Click on ‘Quick Links’. Click on ‘Manage Quick Links’. At here, you can mark/unmark the options to which you want to provide or remove access. After making the required changes, you can click on ‘Save’.                 […]

How to Create a Project?

You can create a project in 2 ways; From Left Menu From Quick Links From Left Menu: Click on + New Project from Left Menu (Refer Image 1) Provide required details & click Create (Refer Image 2)     (Image 1)                              […]

How to Invite a New User to Orangescrum?

You can invite/add a new user in 2 different ways; From Quick Links From User Listing Page  From Quick Links: Click Quick Links > User (Refer Image 1) Provide required details on the pop-up & Click Add (Refer Image 2) (Image-1)                              […]

How do I Log Time?

Go to “Quick Links” > “Time Entry“ Select Task from the task list . Select Resource Name from the list and pick Date from the calendar. Select Start time when you have started the task Select End time when you have completed/stopped doing the task. Enter Break time(If you have taken any break while doing […]

How Do I Log Time While Creating Task?

Click Quick Links > Task Add Task Details such as Project, Task title, Task Type, Assigned to, etc Enter Start Time, End Time & Break Time from ‘Time Range’ option. Spent Hour will be calculated automatically (Refer Image 1) Click ‘Save & Exit.’ (Image-1)

How to Create Invoice?

Navigate to Left Menu>Miscellaneous>Invoices or Quick links> Invoices. Mark one or more Time Log Entries & Click ‘Create Invoice’ (Refer Image 1) Create a new Invoice or add it to the existing invoice. Provide the required details in the invoice. Click on Save & Send.“Save & Send” button to save invoice and send email to […]

How to Use the Gantt Chart for My Projects?

On the left panel, you will find Gantt chart option. You can also find Gantt chart by clicking +Quick Links and you will find Gantt chart under Others menu. You can view ‘Gantt chart’ for your projects. Select the respective ‘Project’, from the top Project drop-down menu. You will be able to analyze all your […]

What is “Task List” & How it Helps You?

A Task List contains the list of tasks of a project or all projects. It is your to-do list task to be completed or monitored. The following details can be monitored or managed in the task list: You can Create a Task or add a task to Task List View My Task List View Closed […]

How to Create Recurring Task?

Click Quick Links > Task (Refer Image 1) Select Recurring option (Refer Image 2) Provide required details on the pop-up & click Save (Refer Image 3)                                                           […]

How to Create Task Group?

What is Task Group? Orangescrum helps to accomplish a specific task in a project in collaboration with proper information sharing in proper control without any conflict. You can use Task Groups as a means to break your project into smaller manageable modules or phases Create Task Group: Click New in the global sidebar of dashboard […]

How to Add Estimated Hours for a Task?

Click Quick Links > Task (Refer Image-1) Add task details such as Project, Task title, Task Type, Assigned to, etc. Add the required estimated hours for the task.                                           (Image-1)                          […]

What is Update Task Type? How it is Used?

Update is a special type of task type that is generally used while providing daily task updates to higher authorities. In order to use this task type, you can follow the below steps:- Click Quick Links > Task. In create task page, select the task type as (Refer Image-1) Automatically, task title will be updated […]

How to View Spent Hours by Resources for a Single Day?

Navigate to Quick Links > Resource Utilization (Refer Image 1) Click and select date to find the hour spent report of the particular day. (Refer Image-2 &3)       (Image 1)                                                […]

How to Use or Start the Timer?

Click Quick Links>Timer Select a Project Click on the ‘Start Timer’, It will then select the default project automatically. If you need to change the project, just click on the ‘Project’ field and scroll down to select your project. (Note: you have to enter a backspace before search)                  Select […]