How can I Manage the Menus in Quick Links?

You can manage the menus under Quick links by following below steps:- Click on ‘Quick Links’. Click on ‘Manage Quick Links’. At here, you can mark/unmark the options to which you want to provide or remove access. After making the required changes, you can click on ‘Save’.                 […]

How to Create a Project?

You can create a project in 2 ways; From Left Menu From Quick Links From Left Menu: Click on + New Project from Left Menu (Refer Image 1) Provide required details & click Create (Refer Image 2)     (Image 1)                              […]

How to Invite a New User to Orangescrum?

You can invite/add a new user in 2 different ways; From Quick Links From User Listing Page  From Quick Links: Click Quick Links > User (Refer Image 1) Provide required details on the pop-up & Click Add (Refer Image 2) (Image-1)                              […]

How do I Log Time?

Go to “Quick Links” > “Time Entry“ Select Task from the task list . Select Resource Name from the list and pick Date from the calendar. Select Start time when you have started the task Select End time when you have completed/stopped doing the task. Enter Break time(If you have taken any break while doing […]

How Do I Log Time While Creating Task?

Click Quick Links > Task Add Task Details such as Project, Task title, Task Type, Assigned to, etc Enter Start Time, End Time & Break Time from ‘Time Range’ option. Spent Hour will be calculated automatically (Refer Image 1) Click ‘Save & Exit.’ (Image-1)

How to Create Invoice?

Navigate to Left Menu>Miscellaneous>Invoices or Quick links> Invoices. Mark one or more Time Log Entries & Click ‘Create Invoice’ (Refer Image 1) Create a new Invoice or add it to the existing invoice. Provide the required details in the invoice. Click on Save & Send.“Save & Send” button to save invoice and send email to […]

How to Use the Gantt Chart for My Projects?

On the left panel, you will find Gantt chart option. You can also find Gantt chart by clicking +Quick Links and you will find Gantt chart under Others menu. You can view ‘Gantt chart’ for your projects. Select the respective ‘Project’, from the top Project drop-down menu. You will be able to analyze all your […]

What is “Task List” & How it Helps You?

A Task List contains the list of tasks of a project or all projects. It is your to-do list task to be completed or monitored. The following details can be monitored or managed in the task list: You can Create a Task or add a task to Task List View My Task List View Closed […]

How to Create Recurring Task?

Click Quick Links > Task (Refer Image 1) Select Recurring option (Refer Image 2) Provide required details on the pop-up & click Save (Refer Image 3)                                                           […]

How to Create Task Group?

What is Task Group? Orangescrum helps to accomplish a specific task in a project in collaboration with proper information sharing in proper control without any conflict. You can use Task Groups as a means to break your project into smaller manageable modules or phases Create Task Group: Click New in the global sidebar of dashboard […]

How to Add Estimated Hours for a Task?

Click Quick Links > Task (Refer Image-1) Add task details such as Project, Task title, Task Type, Assigned to, etc. Add the required estimated hours for the task.                                           (Image-1)                          […]

What is Update Task Type? How it is Used?

Update is a special type of task type that is generally used while providing daily task updates to higher authorities. In order to use this task type, you can follow the below steps:- Click Quick Links > Task. In create task page, select the task type as (Refer Image-1) Automatically, task title will be updated […]

How to View Spent Hours by Resources for a Single Day?

Navigate to Quick Links > Resource Utilization (Refer Image 1) Click and select date to find the hour spent report of the particular day. (Refer Image-2 &3)       (Image 1)                                                […]

How Can I Change My Current Invoice Setting ?

With Orangscrum, you can set up invoice layout & hourly rate for each project. Select Quick links or Profile icon >Project setting > Invoice. In order to set up project-level invoice, click on +Invoice settings. Select the project & default hourly rate & save. (Refer Image-2) In order to set up for all projects, edit […]