How can I know which Resource is available for the task?

You can check which resource is available or not or on leave from the Resource Availability page.

  • Go to the Settings
  • Click on the Resource Availability under the Company Settings

Find the following colors for “Resource Available”, “Resource Booked”,” Resource overbooked” and “Leave”.

  • Green: Resource Available
  • Red: Resource Booked
  • Grey: Resource on Leave
  • Purple: Resource Overloaded

Resource availability


While assigning a task to a user, it will show you the notification if the user is not available and give you suggestion the next available date of that user. Also, it will give suggestion if there is another resource is available before or on that date.

Resource not available

You have two options; either create the task anyway or change the resource.

You can have the option to select other resources on that pop up as well as shown in the above screenshot & click on the “change” it will update the task accordingly.

If you select the option “create anyway” the task will be created & assigned to that unavailable resource.

Note: To know the Resource Availability during task creation enters the “Estd. Hour” or “Due Date” of the task.


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