How to Create Invoice?

  1. Navigate to Left Menu>Miscellaneous>Invoices or Quick links> Invoices.
  2. Mark one or more Time Log Entries & Click ‘Create Invoice’ (Refer Image 1)
  3. Create a new Invoice or add it to the existing invoice.
  4. Provide the required details in the invoice. Click on Save & Send.Save & Send” button to save invoice and send email to the customer. (Refer Image 2)
  5. It will ask for custom message you would like to send to customer. You can provide required details and click on Send.

Optional steps:

  1. Click on “Save & Download” button to save invoice and download it as pdf.
  2. Click on “Save and Close” button to save invoice and go to invoice list page.
  3. Click on “Save and New” button to save invoice and create another invoice.

Create InvoiceInvoice

       (Image-1)                                                                                                         (Image-2)

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