What is Update Task Type? How it is Used?

Update is a special type of task type that is generally used while providing daily task updates to higher authorities. In order to use this task type, you can follow the below steps:-

  1. Click Quick Links > Task.
  2. In create task page, select the task type as (Refer Image-1)
  3. Automatically, task title will be updated as ‘Daily update- mm/dd’.
  4. Provide required details and notify specific users (If required).
  5. You can also log time for the day while creating task. (Refer Image-1)
  6. Click Save & exit.

Create Task Update


Note: You cannot update the status of the tasks if task type of task is ‘Update’.

With this feature, you can directly provide task update from Orangescrum. Marked users in the task will receive email notification with required description of update. They can also reply to the task and it will be posted as comments to the task.

Additionally, incase, your resources forget to provide task update, you can take an advantage of Daily Catch-up feature.

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