What is a Task Type ?

Task types are a custom task attribute that allows you to categorize tasks in a meaningful manner.

There are a few Default Task Types available in Orangescrum SaaS Project Management Tool with the freedom for you to define your own task types for individual projects as well. 

When you set a Default Task Type during project creation, all tasks that you create in that project will have your pre-defined Task Type as set here.

For example, a Project Manager creates a task, add the task type as ‘Development’ and assigns it to the developer. The developers can easily filter out the tasks that are marked for ‘Development’ and can start working accordingly.

Similarly, when the QA team finds bugs they can classify a task as ‘Bug’, and make it easier for the developers to filter the Bug tasks and fix the bugs accordingly.

There are basically two types of task type available:-

  1. Default Task Type:- These are pre-defined task types available in Orangescrum
  2. Custom Level Task Type:- These are user-defined task types generally created by users.
    • Project level task types:- These task types are basically restricted to specific projects. If you want to have a set of task types that should appear for specific projects, then you can create project-level tasks. While creating task types, you need to choose the project for which you want to the task types to appear task type drop-down.
    • Company level task types:–  Company level task types are applicable for all projects. (This section will only be available to users who have signed before 18th November 2019). You can use on existing task types available here. No new task types can be added here.

In order to add custom task type for all projects, select All project in the project field while creating task type. The task type will be auto-added to all the projects in  Project level task type section.


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