What is Orangescrum Self-hosted?

Not all teams are built alike. And we understand that!

Orangescrum Self-Hosted is for companies and teams who would like to have full control over their data and feel it safe to have their apps hosted on their own premises.

Self-Hosted is an exact replica of our Cloud platform but with the added advantage of hosting Orangescrum on your own servers within your data centre or private cloud.

Overall feature offering remains same across the Orangescrum Cloud and Self-Hosted options with the only difference being in their plans and pricing model.

We currently offer 4 Self-Hosted plans to choose from.

Orangescrum Self-Hosted Plans

Note 1: All the other Self-Hosted plans include all available features but the number of users and prices vary as per the plan.
Note 2: In-App Chat, Mobile API, LDAP SSO integration & Professional Installation are not part of any self-hosted plans and need to be purchased separately. Contact Us to know more.
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