What is Resource Utilization? What are the Benefits?

  1. Need to know how much capacity you have over the next month or the current month? Find out which resources are under or over-utilized?
  2. Resource utilization allows project managers to see who has spent how many hours on which project and when. In order to see this, please click on analytics from the left side navigation and click on the last tab named “Resource utilization”.
    • Here it allows you to filter data for a specific time period, project etc.
    • It also allows user to add/remove columns.
    • User can download data in csv format and share with others for any further analysis.


Resource ultilization

Benefits of Resource Utilization:

  1. Helps organization’s prioritize resource utilization in project management by:
    • Aligning the right tasks with the right resources based on skill set and availability.
    • Tracking effort so that resources are not just getting the job done, but getting it done in time.
    • Re-balancing resources across billable projects.
    • Built-in dashboards and reports that make resource utilization fast and efficient.
  2. Orangescrum’s “Resource Utilization” feature will help you to manage information in one place, eliminating the need for maintaining multiple spreadsheets to achieve the same task every day and reduces the overhead burden of managing schedules, saving you time and money.

Note: Resource Utilization is available for all plans. However, Resource availability is available from Basic plan onwards

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