Apart From Online Payment, is there Any Other Way of Making Payment?

You can make payments for your subscriptions via credit card online on our website.You can request us an invoice and choose from 3 other payment methods. Mainly – PayPal, wire transfer and credit card.

In all of these options we will send you an invoice. However, we do not encourage monthly payments via the above options because it isn’t productive, includes administrative overhead and ends up in additional transaction charges.

The other options are as follows:

  1. Request us for an invoice to make payment directly via credit card using our secure payment gateway. The invoice option is recommended for 6months or yearly payments.
  2. Similarly, we also allow for wire transfer payments. We will send you an invoice based on your chosen subscription plan. And again, this is recommended for 6 months or yearly payments.
  3. Paypal payments are also possible and the paypal charges will have to be borne by our customers.
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