Benefits of a Paid Plan in Orangescrum

Congratulations! Your Orangescrum account has been upgraded!  We’d like to help you uncover all of the value and benefits of upgrading. Read on to learn more about the perks of our paid plans: Startup, Professional, and Corporate.

Why use Orangescrum with a paid plan?

  • Unlimited Projects, task groups, tasks, subtasks, custom task types and labels. Everything you need to organize and add structure to your projects.
  • Project Methodology of choice – Agile Scrum, Kanban or simple to do lists. Pick whatever suits your projects and the team.
  • Custom Task Status Workflow allows to build logical flow of your tasks from start to finish i.e. added clarity and transparency over your task execution.
  • Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox and Slack Integrations along with native android and iOS mobile apps for that seamless project management experience
  • Visual project planning and project schedule management with your project specific Gantt Charts
  • Track time spent on each task & evaluate team’s performance with easy to use daily and weekly timesheets
  • Charge Your Team’s True Worth and confidently generate accurate invoices for your customers.
  • Data to decisions with insightful reports and analytics to monitor, track and measure your project and team performance.
  • Run your projects in a highly professional manner by bringing your key stakeholders into Orangescrum and keeping them up to date at all times.
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