How can I integrate GitHub with Orangescrum?

GitHub is a cloud-based platform that helps developers to store and manage their code, as well as track and control changes to their code.

With GitHub integration, you can have following benefits:-

  • You can create & manage your Git issues via Orangescrum.
  • Auto sync in Orangescrum helps to update the real time status of the tasks in Git.
  • You can also sync your task comments to your Git repository. This helps users to get notified about the task comments without logging in to Orangescrum.

In order to integrate Orangescrum, please follow the below steps:-

  1. Click on profile picture>Integration>GitHub Issues
  2. It will take you to GitHub setup page where you will be integrating GitHub with Orangescrum. Click on Connect Orangescrum + GitHub.
  3. At GitHub sign in page, you need to add your GitHub credentials.
  4. Further provide click on Authorize to provide permission for data access by Orangescrum.

Note– GitHub Integration can only be done by the Owner or Admin of the account. However, all users of the account can use the integration and perform their activities.</span

On authorization, it will integrate your GitHub account with Orangescrum. You need to connect your repository to an Orangescrum project.

In order to sync, Project with Repository we needed to follow steps below:-

  1. Click Add Sync.
  2. Select the Project & GitHub repository which is to be integrated.
  3. If you would like to include your existing closed tasks of the project and repository, then you can enable Include closed tasks.
  4. If you would like to add any pre-defined task initials/prefix for the tasks that is being created in GIT or Orangescrum, then you can enable Add GitHub issue number to task title and provide your task prefix. By default, when a task will be created, the prefix will be added to the task title.
  5. Select type of Sync & enable Auto sync.
  6. Click Reconfirm all the details and click Create Sync.

Orangescrum Github Integration has 3 ways sync:

  • 2-way sync: You can sync your GitHub issues and Orangescrum tasks in a single platform. It is denoted by   . With 2-way sync, you can perform following functions:-
    • Create your tasks via both Orangescrum & GitHub and the tasks will be auto-synced in both platforms.
    • Update the status of tasks/issues.
    • Comment to your tasks/issues.
  • Orangescrum to GitHub: Only tasks created/edited via Orangescrum will move to GitHub. Whereas any task created/edited via GitHub will not reflect in Orangescrum. It is denoted by . You can perform the following activities with Orangescrum to GitHub sync:-
    • You can sync Orangescrum tasks to GitHub. However, GitHub issues will not be synced with Orangescrum.
    • You can update and comment on the task status from Orangescrum. The changes done in GitHub will not be reflected in Orangescrum.
  • GitHub to Orangescrum: Only tasks created/edited via GitHub will move to Orangescrum. Whereas any task created/edited via Orangescrum will not reflect in GitHub. It is denoted by. You can perform the following activities with GitHub to Orangescrum to sync:-
    • You can sync GitHub issues to Orangescrum. However, Orangescrum tasks will not be synced with GitHub.
    • The comments/updates done in GitHub will reflect in Orangescrum. But the changes done in Orangescrum will not be reflected in GitHub.

GitHub integration


  • Once the repository or project synced, it cannot be edited. You need to delete the sync and add new sync.
  • On Auto sync, other tasks on creation will move depending upon sync speed you have subscribed in GitHub. In case, task is not synced, you can click on Sync now.
  • You can sync both Private and Public repository.
  • GitHub Integration is available from Professional plan onwards.
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