How to Create Custom Project Templates in Orangescrum and Use it in Project?

Creating Templates:

  1. Navigate to Miscellaneous > Template from left panel. (Refer Image -1)
  2. On Project Template page, click Plus icon to create project template
  3. Provide your project template name and click on (Refer Image -2)
  4. Click on Quick Task Group to create a task group. Provide task group name, description estimated hour and click Save.
  5. Under the specific Task Group, click on Quick Task to add task under that task group.
  6. Provide a required description, Task Type, Task Priority etc. and click Save.
  7. Similarly you can create Subtasks, Sub-sub tasks by clicking plus icon beside the specific parent task.

TemplateProject template

                             (Image-1)                                                                                                 (Image-2)

Using template in Project:

  1. Click Quick link> Project.
  2. Provide required title, short name, Default task type etc.
  3. Select specific project template under project template.
  4. Click on Create.
Tips: – Once the project is created, you cannot add the project template again. However, you can click on Add to project in project template page to add project template to an existing project.
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