How to use task filters? 

  • Navigate to Task Listing Page.
  • Click Filter iconon the present at the top right corner of “Task list table”.
  • Click on the filter type to get the filter options.
  • You can select multiple filters there.
  • You can filter your tasks by Time, Due date, Status, Types, Priority, Commented by, Created by, Assigned to, and Label. It helps users to find their tasks easily & quickly.

What information can you get using task filters?

  • List of task with a particular status– 
    • Click  beside the task status strip  on the top right of the task list as shown in the image & select the status to filter the task.

  • Get the list of high priority tasks: 
    • Click Filter icon  icon and select Priority. From the menu, select the priority type as High. Upon selecting the tasks will be filtered.
    • You can also select Common task filters under the filter menu & select High Priority. This will filter high priority tasks from task list

Filter-High priority


  • Find out tasks assigned to specific user
    • ClickFilter icon icon and select Assign To.
    • From the menu, select the resource for which you want to see the assigned tasks. Upon selecting the tasks will be filtered.

  • Filter the task associated with Specific task type-
    • Click Filter icon icon and select Type.
    • From the menu, select the type for which you want to see the associated tasks. Upon selecting the tasks will be filtered.

Filter-Task type


How to Create Custom Filter or Save a Filter?

    • Click Filter iconicon at the top-right corner of the Task and Task Group page.
    • Use any filter like Time, Due Date, Status etc.
    • Click save icon.
    • Give the Filter name, and click “Save”.


  • At any time, you can view your filtered tasks in custom filters using Saved filters under the filter menu. You can edit or delete the saved filter as well.
  • No other users can view the filter you have created at any point.
  • Filters will remain the same even if you change the project.

How can I delete the custom filter ?

  • Hover on the “Task” menu in the Left panel.
  • Click “Manage Filters”
  • Click delete on the filters you wish to delete. 

Custom filter

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