Orangescrum features

Let us take a quick look at how task management and collaboration simplifies our work

Robust Project & Task Management

Sitting around the table or across the globe, task management, collaboration and communication is just the same.

  • Task Groups

You can break your projects into multiple Task Groups. And each of your task groups will have unlimited tasks, sub-tasks and sub sub-tasks. Task Groups allow you to break your project into smaller manageable chunks with detailed tasks breakdown.

You can use Task Groups for:

  • Very large complex tasks involving multiple teams
  • Modules or phases of your projects depending on specific project needs
  • Sprints if running Agile Scrum Project Management


  • Task Types and Labels

Proper classification of tasks is very important when running projects. There is also an added complexity when you have specific project types with tasks related to finance, research, content, ideas, issues, billing, design, quality assurance etc.

Over time this could be very confusing and tasks may fall through the cracks. Custom Task Types and Labels allow you to create as many categories and tags as you need to ensure smooth task execution.

Tips: – You can filter by task types and labels from your task list to focus on what you truly have to!


  • Project Templates

Work smarter with Project Templates in Orangescrum. Most projects we run have a significant tasks overlap and it is frustrating to create the same set of tasks repetitively.

Create pre-defined templates for your most common project types once and reuse them forever. Just apply them on the “Create Project” form during project creation and you get all your task groups, tasks, subtasks created with a single click.

Learn how you can save time and be efficient with Project Templates.


Tip: – You can create unlimited project templates within Orangescrum.


Optimum Time and Resource Management

Time and Resource Management is crucial for project success. It is one of the most time consuming activities for the project managers and teams hate to do it. But not with Orangescrum!

  • Time Tracking

There are flexible time management options available for your teams in Orangescrum. And it makes it easier for teams to adopt it. You can track time via:

  • Automated Timer
  • Time Entry
  • Daily Time Sheet
  • Weekly Time Sheet
  • Resource Utilization

Optimal resource utilization is a must to keep your projects profitable. As your teams continue to track time spent against their tasks your resource utilization reports gets built automatically.

With easy marking of billable hours you know how much time did the team spent on non-billable hours and why. Thus you can quickly monitor and take proactive measures to ensure high billability and reduce activities that are non-productive and non-value adds.

  • Resource Availability

You can define your work hours per day, weekends, leaves and company holidays in Orangescrum. This comes in handy during task allocation and ensures optimal workloads for your team.

Not only that, you get to identify possible delays due to leaves, holidays and overloaded employees and reprioritize your tasks to deliver on time.

Understand how resource availability can save time and money for your projects.

Visual Project Planning

Interactive Gantt Chart allows for real time project planning and progress monitoring. It helps visualize the big picture and take real time decisions w.r.t the overall project progress.

You can adapt your project plan with the greater visibility in terms of –

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