How to Use Orangescrum Mobile App for SaaS (Cloud) Edition?

Orangescrum Mobile App is now available on iOS & Android platforms for both SaaS (cloud) & Open Source (Community) Edition.

Follow the steps below to use the mobile app for the SaaS edition.

  1. Download/Install the Orangescrum Mobile App from App Store & Play Store.
  2. Once Installed, open the app
  3. Select the Yes option to “Are you an existing Orangescrum User?” If you select No, it will ask you to sign up/open an account.
  4. Once you select Yes, Android users will be presented with a screen as seen below with 3 options to choose from.( Refer Image-1)
  • -I am a Cloud User
  • -I am a Self-Hosted User
  • I am a Community User
  1. Select I am a Cloud User
  2. iOS users will be directly taken to the login form because we have 2 separate mobile apps for the cloud and open source editions.
  3. If you have already signed up & have an account in Orangescrum, then you can login by using your email id & password. You can also login by selecting Login with Google button. (Refer Image-2)
  4. If not, you can do a Google Sign Up from the mobile app too.
  5. After successful login you will be directed to the Launchpad to select your company (If you’re part of multiple companies, then it will show multiple company names otherwise it will show you only one company).
  6. Once you select your company, you can see the Task list page of your project. (Refer Image-3)



Mobile AppOrangescrum Mobile App Login Orangescrum mobile app task list page

          (Image-1)                                                                      (Image-2)                                                              (Image-3)

Note: Orangescrum offers mobile app for its Cloud Self-Hosted and Open Source (Community) editions as well. You will need to purchase the Mobile API to use the mobile app for Open Source edition. For more information, you can see the User Manual of Mobile API add-on

What are features available in Orangescrum Mobile App?

The following features are available for Mobile App:

  • Create, Edit, Assign & Manage Projects( Refer Image -1)
  • Create, Edit, Assign, Delete Task ( Refer Image -2)
  • Invite, Edit & Manage Users
  • Attach Files to tasks
  • Update Profiles


Orangescrum Mobile App featuresCreate Project and task in Orangescrum mobile app

                                               ( Image -1)                                                                                                                (Image -2)
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