Users, storage and app limits of the Free Trial Offer

Orangescrum Free Trial offer is restricted to 14 days. You have access to all features during the trial.

But once the free trial ends few usage limitations kick in.

Number of Users – During the free trial, you can a total of 3 users. Once the trial expires only the Owner of the account can log in and use Orangescrum. You can no longer invite your team members to Orangescrum. How sad is that!

Number of Projects – You can only have a maximum of 3 active projects during the free trial and after your free trial is over you can no longer create new projects. Once you upgrade, the project restriction is waived away.

File Storage – Your 2 GB file storage space is reduced to 25 MB once your trial period ends.

Integrations – The Dropbox and Slack integrations would be restricted once your trial period expires.

Features – Your free pass to Orangescrum premium features is significantly reduced and you lose access to time log, gantt chart, daily catch-up, invoices, resource availability, resource utilization etc.

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