What are Task Labels ? and How can I create Task Labels?

Task Labels can help you quickly see certain things that several tasks have in common, like requirements, locations, dependencies, or important time constraints.

Similar to task type, Labels are the custom attributes that are used to categorize tasks. You can assign multiple task labels to a single task.

The task labels will be used for specific projects only. You can define the task labels to the tasks associated with that project only.

Note – “Labels” which was created before 18th November 2019 will be treated as company level “Labels” .

How to create task labels?

  • Select Quick links or Profile icon > Project Settings > Manage Labels
  • In order to set up project level labels, click on +New Labels.
  • Select the project, Label name &  click Add.
  • In order to set up for all projects, selcct ‘All project‘ from project drop-down, add the label name & select add.
  • The label will be auto-created under all the projects.

How to use Labels?

While creating task, you can use labels to categorize task in a meaningful manner.

  • Click Quick Links > Task 
  • Provide task name, start date, due date & estimated hour.
  • Add appropriate labels & click on save.

Task label

NOTE : Only the Owner and Admin of the account can create the label for the task, If User has been given the access by the admin, or owner then the user can create the label.






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