What is a Sub-task? How can I Create a Sub-task?

Subtasks are means to split a task into smaller tasks for easier tracking & completion of the parent task.

Subtasks are the means to split a large complex task into smaller tasks for easier tracking & completion of the parent task.

All the subtasks are linked to a parent task, but have their own priorities, progress%, assign to, start/end dates and task types.

Note: You can’t create a subtask without a parent task. Also, you can assign all the subtasks to different people in your team, for quicker execution.

Benefits of using Subtask-

  • Easier task tracking & on-time completion
  • Faster execution search subtask can be allocated to a different resource
  • Better work breakdown structure with full clarity

How can I Create a Subtask?

You create sub-task from two places-

From Task Details pages

  • Navigate to a task details page from task listing
  • In the subtasks section,click Add sub-taskon the option
  • Give a title to your sub-task & save.

From Task listing page-

  • Navigate to task list of the specific project.
  • Click on 3-dot icon of the specific parent task for which you want to add sub-tasks. Further, click on Create Subtask. If you are unable to find the Create Subtask option, then the task should be already a Sub sub task.
  • In create subtask, provide Task name, task type, estimated hour, assignee, start date & end date and click save.
    Sub Task
  • Subtask will be created and shown in task list view. You can also create subtask from Task list, Task group & Kanban view.
    Application Framework

How can I Identify Subtask from the Task List Page?

Subtask icon icon indicates Subtask. Please follow below steps to identify subtask. Navigate to Task Listing Page > Click Subtask iconicon 

Identify Sub-task

How can I Edit the Subtask?

There are 2 ways you can edit a subtask:

From Task Listing

  • In the task listing page, navigate to the specific task.
  • Click 3-dot iconon option and click Edit.
  • Make the required changes and click ‘Update’.

Edit sub-task

From Task Details Page

  • In the task listing page of the project,click on the task title of the specific task you want to edit.
  • Click Edit in the top section > Make your changes > Update.
  • If you’re on the parent task’s details page, Click on the subtask title you wish to edit > Edit option on the top > Make your changes > Update.

edit sub-task

How can I Copy a Sub-Task?

  • Go to the Task List page.
  • Click3-dot icon and click It creates a copy of the subtask.

Copy sub-task


How can I Delete a Subtask?

  • In the task listing page, navigate to the specific subtask.
  • Click on 3-dot iconoption and click Delete.

delete sub-task

How can I See All the Associated Sub-Tasks of a Parent Task?

  • Navigate to Task Detail Page
  • Under Subtasks option, get the listed sub-tasks.


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