What is Orangescrum?

Orangescrum is an all in one project, task, time & resource management software for teams of all sizes and complexity. Start-ups, growing agencies and industry leaders continue to benefit with its simple collaborative platform for planned and well-coordinated execution.

Orangescrum supports Agile Scrum, Waterfall and simple task list methods of project execution. Thus allowing users greater freedom to self-organize their tasks to meet specific project needs.

Key Features

Centralized Collaboration

Orangescrum brings all the key elements of project management together on a single centralized platform. Projects, tasks, teams and clients all work & collaborate seamlessly in real-time enabling faster resolution of pending items.

Alerts and Notifications

Instant desktop notifications and email alerts are triggered for key actions such as project and task creation, user invites, task edits, replies, comment and status updates. Hence, teams are always aware of the latest progress of your most important tasks.

Custom User Role Management

Project collaboration entails bringing the entire team together. This also includes your clients, cross-department teams, external users, vendors and ISPs. Managing users and ensuring your confidential information is safe and accessed only on a “need to know” basis is of utmost importance. Learn how to configure custom user roles and permissions for your teams.

Apps and Integrations

Having the most commonly used apps by your teams makes your work fun and stress-free. We understand it! Google Drive, Dropbox or Slack integrate them all with Orangescrum for seamless access to your important documents anytime.


Project reporting is critical to keep all your stakeholders updated on the project progress, open items, project health status and risks if any. Orangescrum provides comprehensive reports of your critical project elements such as tasks, time and resources. Learn more about our reports.

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