What is “Project Template” & How it Helps You?

Project Templates can simplify your projects that are large & complex yet identical. To get away of creating a complex product workflow, marketing campaign, employee onboarding etc. projects repeatedly, we have Project Templates for you.

Project Templates enable you to replicate and reuse the structure and content of existing projects, including Task Groups and task with estimated hours, task type and task priority to speed up new project creation and standardize workflow processes.

The most use cases of Project Template are

  • Business proposal
  • Web Development Project Template
  • App development Project Template
  • Product Development Workflows
  • SEO Template
  • Audit or QA Template
  • Event Planning
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Interview Questions
  • Installation Checklists & so on

You can learn how to create project template from here.

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