What Information can I Get from Pie Chart Report?

This chart shows the number of tasks based on the Assignee, Task type, Priority, Status, Epic Link and Task Group.

Assignee: – Number of tasks and percentage of tasks assigned to each resource

Task Type: – Number of tasks count with respect to their task type

Status: – Number of tasks count with respect to their status

Epic link: – Number of tasks count with task type as ‘EPIC’ and have linked task

Task Group: – Number of tasks count with respect to their task groups.

Priority: – Number of tasks count based on their priority.

For example: – Let us choose the ‘Wordpress Project’ and we

Assignee:-Daniel has been assigned to 48 tasks, Mark has been assigned to 32 tasks, Mike has been assigned with 2, Richard has been assigned 7 tasks and 99 are unassigned in the project. (Refer Image-1)

Task Type: -Here ‘Development’ task type has 125tasks, ‘Idea’ task type has 5 task,’Email for marketing’ has 2 task and so on. (Refer Image-2)

Status: – Closed-42, Resolved-39, new-52, in-progress-12

Priority: – Low-29, Medium-110, High-6 ( Refer Image-3)

Epic link: – There is one task that has ‘Epic’ as task type and has links to another task.

Task Group: – There are 110 tasks in backlog, 6 task in development, 6 tasks in graphic design,5 tasks in QA, and so on.


Pie Chart-Assignee


Pie Chart- Task Type


Pie Chart-Priority


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