How to create Task?

  1. Login to your Orangescrum account with your credentials.
  2. Once you have logged in, go to the “Tasks” section from the left menu. (Refer to Image-1)


  1. Click Quick Links > Task (Refer Image-1)                                                                                     (Image-1)


  • Attachments:- Attachment allows you to attach the files that are related or required for the task.
  • Priority:- You can set the priority of the task. If the task needs to be completed fast or is important then you can mark it as high. If a task has low priority then you can mark it as low.
  • Task type:- Choose the type of task(Refer Image-1)
  • Task template:- Like a project template, if you have certain tasks which are performed same way for all/maximum projects, then you can create a task template of the task and just add it to the template.
Tips: Using a Task template saves time from defining task description manually while creating tasks.
  •  Start Date:- The date on which the task will be started.
  • Due Date:- The date on which task is to be completed.
Tips: –You can directly enter your spent hours while creating the task. If the task is assigned to you, you can find time range field while creating task
  • Estimated hour:- Minimum hours required to complete the task.
  • Notify via email:-  Users selected in this section will receive notifications of the activities done in the task. If I mark  Daniel Jones, then he will be informed about the updates done to the task.
  • Related to:- You can link to related, duplicated or derived tasks.
  • Label:- You can label your task as per your requirement.
  • Don’t show the task to the client:- Your client will not be able to view the task or get the updates about the task.

Moreover, you can also create a Recurring Task.

2. Click on ‘Save & Cancel‘.

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