How to create Task?

  1. Click Quick Links > Task (Refer Image-1)


  • Attachments:- Attachment allows you to attach the files that is related or required for the task.
  • Priority:- You can set the priority of the task. If the task needs to be completed fast or is important                    then you can mark it as high. If a task has low priority then you can mark it as low.
  • Task type:- Choose the type of task(Refer Image-1)
  • Task template:- Like project template, if you have certain tasks which are performed same way for all/maximum projects, then you can create a task template of the task and just add it to the template.
Tips: Using Task template saves time from defining task description manually while creating tasks.
  •  Start Date:- The date on which the task will be started.
  • Due Date:- The date on which task is to be completed.
Tips: –You can directly enter your spent hours while creating the task. If the task is assigned to you, you can find time range field while creating task
  • Estimated hour:- Minimum hours required to complete the task.
  • Notify via email:-  Users selected in this section will receive notifications of the activities done in the task. If I mark  Daniel Jones, then he will be informed about the updates done to the task.
  • Related to:- You can link to related, duplicated or derived tasks.
  • Label:- You can label your task as per your requirement.
  • Don’t show the task to the client:- Your client will not be able to view the task or get the updates about the task.

Moreover, you can also create a Recurring Task.

2. Click on ‘Save & Exit‘.

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