What is the Hours Spent Report?

The Hours Spent Report provides a comprehensive resource and time spent for your projects.

You can access the Hours Spent report under Reports > Hours Spent Report from the left main menu

As soon as you are in the Hours Spent Reports page you are first presented with the Burndown Chart.

Burndown Chart

A burndown chart shows your real time project progress in terms of work accomplished versus pending. Updating the estimated hours for each task of your project is crucial for the burndown chart to show you the true picture.

The Burndown Chart in Orangescrum gives you a real time insight between Remaining Estimated Hours and Remaining Actual Hours. In a nutshell, it shows your team’s efficiency and by when the team will be able to complete the project based on the current execution speed.

Hours Spent by Task Type

This is a quick snapshot of what task types consume your team’s maximum time. You can easily identify how much time is being spent on non-value add and non-billable activities for the chosen project over a specified time period.

This view will also indicate if a certain team is overloaded or has the most erroneous delivery.

E.g. If your developers are spending too many hours on Task Type = Bug, it means they have delivered buggy code in the first place, have not understood the scope, feature or functionality and/ or not skilled enough to handle the project at hand.

Hour Spent By Task Type


Hours Spent by All

Hours Spent by All is a quick time and closed task snapshot of each resource of the chosen project

  • List of all resources of the chosen project
  • Number of replies across all tasks assigned to the specific resource
  • Number of resolved and closed tasks per specific resource
  • Total hours spent by each resource across all of his or her tasks.

Hours Spent by All – Line Chart

The Hours Spent by All Line Chart is a cumulative chart of time spent by each resource over a specific time period for the chosen period.

You can see how your project team spent their hours across the project for the given time period and the variation. Thus, you can easily spot outliers of whom have spent over or less than expected hours on a given day.

With this insight, you can strengthen your task allocation and resource management if you have shared resources who are not able to spend the required hours on your project.

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